TAG Heuer Debuts Carrera Calibre 1969 Watch With Black & Gold Limited Edition

TAG Heuer has just released the first watch to contain its new in-house made Calibre 1969 automatic chronograph movement (debuted hands-on here). It is the limited edition TAG Heuer Carrera 1969 ref. CAR2A60 and is a very modern watch for their most modern movement. While with TAG Heuer at the debut of the 1969 movement in late 2013 it seemed rather clear that the Carrera collection would be the first to enjoy the fruits of their newest manufacture movements. What was not clear was the direction TAG Heuer was going to take in either modern or retro styling.

It was a fair question because the name of the Calibre 1969 movement goes back to the year when TAG Heuer (along with three other brands) debuted the automatic chronograph mechanical movement to the world. It thus made sense that TAG Heuer may have wanted to debut the movement in a retro-inspired watch. We have a good feeling that pieces of that nature will show up in TAG Heuer’s collection before long, but for now the Calibre 1969 is taking the form of other high-end, new TAG Heuer timepieces. The case design is one that we have seen in a few recent TAG Heuer watches, most recently the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Jack Heuer Edition.

TAG Heuer Debuts Carrera Calibre 1969 Watch

TAG Heuer Debuts Carrera Calibre 1969 Watch

Unlike those other models, the Carrera Calibre 1969 will have the crown and pushers placed in a more traditional space on the right-side of the case (versus the bull-head style layout of most others). The case represents a modern interpretation of the classic Carrera case from the early 1960s. We believe that the case should be about 44-45mm wide. The limited edition model will be in black PVD titanium carbide coated titanium and 18k rose gold. It is an interesting and thoroughly modern take on the Carrera and while it does not immediately come across as familiar, I think it is a handsome design that certainly grows on you.

When was the last time you saw a black and gold TAG Heuer by the way? There are some interesting design elements worth mentioning. The Calibre 1969 is a tri-compax chronograph with the date. But where is the date? TAG Heuer cleverly integrated the date indicator into the sub dial for the chronograph hours. How do you feel about it? It does help maintain dial symmetry nicely. With a mixture of both classic and modern design elements from TAG Heuer, the Carrera Calibre 1969 is a bold step in a new higher-end bracket for TAG Heuer that is firmly positioned over the Carrera models with the also in-house made Calibre 1887 movement. Having said that, we will see lower-priced Carrera Calibre 1969 movements debuting soon in 2014.

A. Lange & Sohne Datograph Up / Down Watch

This Datograph Up/Down is the stuff grail watches are made of. A sublime Teutonic expression of watch making perfection so timeless it escapes all notions of era, style, or trend. A watch for all times and ages, pieces by German A. Lange & Sohne are what many watch lovers strive to acquire. Sounds lofty? That statement isn’t so unreasonable considering our monitoring of what colleagues and your fellow readers have said and felt about A. Lange & Sohne watches over the years. Not to mention my and the team’s own feelings about A. Lange & Sohne as a brand. What it comes down to, is that Lange has a unique formula that attracts watch lovers like bees to honey. So before I get to the actual review I feel it is a good idea to discuss more about what we feel about this brand and why we feel it.

The funny thing is how different people are attracted to the brand. I don’t know anyone who dislikes A. Lange & Sohne, but everyone has their own relationship with it. For instance some people have a particular piece they fawn over and consider a real grail watch. Perhaps your dream timepiece is a Datrograph Up/Down such as this or maybe a Lange 1. Other people however don’t have any particular Lange watch they are currently pining for, but simply have an immense level of respect for the brand. In understanding the appeal of A. Lange & Sohne, I think it is more valuable to focus on this latter idea – that people identify and respect the brand’s values as a watchmaker.

Those values are plentiful and not wanting to sound like a Lange marketing person I will identify those that I think they succeed at the best. This is important because when it comes down to it, people freely spend their money on luxury products because of a sense of confidence in the brand. Confidence that the product is worth the asking price, and confidence that the brand has a collective sense of wisdom and skill gained from years of experience, and that few others are able to replicate their work output.

Allow me to mention three things about Lange as a brand and watchmaker that they do quite well. First, they produce products that are undoubtedly useful tools. That doesn’t mean their tools are necessarily modern or advanced, but rather that they are precision instruments designed to perform a task. That task being to tell the time and perhaps other related information. Lange watches are easy to read with properly sized hands and legible dials. The functionality is logical and easy to understand, while the tools sit comfortably on the wrist and are designed to work well and last a fair amount of time. You rarely get the impression that much on an A. Lange & Sohne watch is just for show. It holds true to what many people feel is the most important definition of luxury – a well made object of utility that is expensive because it was produced without consideration for cost rather than to merely be expensive due to the inclusion of valuable materials. The point is that Lange makes something valuable rather than assembles valuable things into a final product – and they’ve held true to this ideal rather well.

A. Lange & Sohne Datograph Up / Down Watch

A. Lange & Sohne Datograph Up / Down Watch

Second, A. Lange & Sohne watches are designed without any focus on modern trends or contemporary style. In my opinion the surest way to destroy any hope a product has of being timeless is by designing it to be trendy. If you make something intended to fit in “right now” the typical result is making sure it is “out” tomorrow. I’ve never seen a Lange watch that looks like it is trying to be stylish or fit in with an upcoming runway show. Frankly speaking, in my opinion “fashion” is a dirty word when it comes to pure watch design. To me “fashion” implies form over function, and I believe that concept has no place in the design of a precision instrument.

Lange watches clearly have a style, a sense of traditional German design taken originally from pocket watches and other instruments, but that doesn’t mean they appear to be embellishing their cases and dials with too many decorative elements that don’t assist the core design. Sure there are rare exceptions such as the extremely uncommon A. Lange & Sohne Handwerkskunst pieces (with unique hand engraved dials), but when it comes down to it, there is a conservative cleanliness with simple traditional personality to these watches that few people take issue with. The worst thing in the world one could say about some Lange watches is that they are boring. I probably thought so at some point early in my appreciation of watches when I was new and looking to be wowed by wild designs. I think many people go through that phase. Eventually I came to appreciate, and finally prefer designs such as this which focus on purity and functionality above all else.  People used to wild contemporary designs intended to attract attention will perhaps feel underwhelmed by the conservative approach of Lange… but eventually all people with good taste will come around.

Finally, before I delve into the topic of the Datograph Up/Down itself (which is why you probably came here), I’d like to briefly mention the last reason we are discussing what makes A. Lange & Sohne an attractive brand. It is that they take the production of movements as seriously as watch lovers want to believe brands do. The allure of a luxury mechanical watch is really the allure of hand-made items of function and art. Purchasing a mechanical watch doesn’t require a large investment, but purchasing one produced with love, care, and a German sense of meticulousness is. Many mechanical watchmakers sell the idea of trained artisans sitting and toiling under magnifiers to carefully build small machines dedicated to telling time (relatively) accurately for their lives and the lives of their children. It rarely works that way, but it really does at A. Lange & Sohne.

The brand actually only makes movements. They don’t make dials or cases; their forte is purely in the mechanisms, and they do so wonderfully. What Lange offers is one of the finest operating and decorated mechanical movement in the watch market that is produced with any appreciable volume. Merely viewing their movements appears to be a validation of that fact. They look amazing, and A. Lange & Sohne is setup to producing them with German efficiency and detail. The manufacture is rather modern and growing. In the modern sense the brand began in the mid 1990s. Even though it is more historical than that, it was shut down for many years being located in the former East Germany. So their facilities are modern, but their techniques are quite traditional.

A. Lange & Sohne movements are primarily made of a material called “German Silver,” which actually has no silver it in. This metal offers a steely appearance with the ease of working like brass. Most watchmakers use brass, and later electro-plate the movements (often with rhodium). This doesn’t need to happen in a Lange watch, and so they have a distinct look to them. They also happen to gain a nice golden patina over time.

Brass is used in some parts of the movements, and blued steel screws and red synthetic rubies are also heavily relied upon. I believe many movements (or all of them) also use gold chatons. For this reason Lange movements are delightfully colorful and bold to look at. Many of their best looking movements are chronographs such as the caliber L.951.6 used in the Datograph Up/Down. This is because of the chronograph system which is what you see through much of the exhibition case back window. German watches tend to use a 3/4 plate system that means there isn’t much to see through the rear of the watch in most pieces. However, chronographs require a lot more distinct parts and what you get is a much more elaborate display. I like to call it a “city of gears,” and admiring their hand-decoration and fine finishing is a pleasure in Lange chronographs.

A. Lange & Sohne Datograph Watch

A. Lange & Sohne Datograph Watch

The movement is at the heart of the Datrograph Up/Down which is actually a follow-up model based on the original A. Lange & Sohne Datograph. The Datrograph Up/Down debuted in 2012 (hands-on first look here), about a decade after the original Datograph. Lange had stopped making the original and due to consumer demand decided to come out with a new version. Three things changed from the original. First, the size of the case increased two millimeters to 41mm wide. Second the movement’s power reserve increased to 60 hours (from probably about 40-45 hours), and last, the dial now contains a power reserve indicator. “Up/Down” is a translation from “Auf” (up) and “Ab” (down) which is written out in German on the dial for the power reserve indicator.

Adding a power reserve indicator and some extra time between having to wind the movement really changed the nature of the Datrograph watch. I am not a huge fan of wearing manually wound watches unless they have a power reserve indicator. To me it is like driving a car without a fuel gauge. With 60 hours of power reserve you can easily go the entire weekend without paying attention to it and it will still be running when you pick it up. The name “Datograph” is derived from the fact that the piece contains a big date (“outsize date” as Lange calls it) and a chronograph. That is of course in addition to the time with subsidiary seconds dial.

Functionally the Datrograph Up/Down is very useful. The power reserve indicator makes living with it easy, and the big date indicator is handy. Thirty minute chronographs have limited use as many things we want to time are longer than that, but it is still a very useful feature. The dial is further beautifully appointed with crisp appliques and properly proportioned hands and hour markers. 18k white gold is used for the main hands and hour markers, while the sub dial hands are in blued steel. I quite like the subtle nature of the power reserve indicator as well – there when you need it, but hardly visually overpowering when you don’t.

Many people also know that A. Lange & Sohne rarely produce black dials. They have a few for sure, but they are certainly not the norm. I believe that the original Datrograph was the first one. This black and silver (“tuxedo”) dial is handsome and distinct for the brand. There is a sportiness to it that is still very composed and proper (yes of course it has a tachymeter around the periphery of the face). The hands even had luminant on them for darkness viewing – another rarity among the more formally-themed Lange collection.

At 41mm wide I very much enjoy the size of the Datograph Up/Down. I could probably take another 1-2mm easily, but not less. The case is thick which makes it feel even larger despite the thick and curved bezel. The original Datograph was just 39mm wide, and I’ve stated in the past this new larger size helped bring it into the modern era. The case comes exclusively in 950 platinum. It is entirely possible that Lange will decide the Datograph Up/Down deserves to be gold in the future, but for now it only comes in platinum. Sure it is heavy, but you want that in a watch such as this. The bezel and lugs are polished while the middle case and back is brushed. Excellent AR coating on the sapphire crystal as well, only downside is a relative lack of appreciable water resistance (OK for basic things like washing your hands, but I’d suggest you take it off for other water-related activity).

A few years ago A. Lange & Sohne were big on the idea of them epitomizing the concept of “stealth wealth.” For now that is perhaps still true. A watch like the Datograph Up/Down is a symbol of taste and success, but only when you are in the right social circles. Its handsome, calm nature doesn’t scream wealth or luxury. Some call it a watch of old money or for those more humble about their station in life. That is mostly true, but I can’t fully agree. The right watch lover will spot one and spark up an interaction rather quickly. Perhaps that is an unintended side-effect of what the brand has been doing right, but more and more, A. Lange & Sohne is becoming a known ultra-luxury brand. So even though their products are still conservative, they are doing a better job at communicating something about the wearer.

Still, I think the people who enjoy pieces like the Datrograph Up/Down do so because they appreciate the purity of fine traditional watch making with minimal BS. For the time being, A. Lange & Sohne is rather refreshing as a luxury brand. They don’t sponsor that many obscure high-society events nor do I find myself being annoyed by kitschy advertising campaigns that degrade what the brand is worth to loyalists. It is a brand that does a great job of communicating the right message because they are producing the right product. For many a piece like the Datograph Up/Down is a fantastic daily wear. It can certainly be that as much as it can be a piece in the safe for special occasions. It really is a “fine watch” in many senses of the term. It doesn’t get too excited but it will rarely let you down. Dependable and stately, this is what good watch pedigree is all about. I freely suggest any watch lover to aspire to own one.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Watch In White Ceramic

It is a little hard for me to believe that it has been about four years since the launch of the original Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver back in 2010. When we debuted the diver in steel we were excited to not only bring you the very first legitimate diver’s watch by Audemars Piguet, but we loved the new design for the Royal Oak Offshore that offered the spirit of the Offshore collection in a three-hand dial. Later we got a bit more hands-on with the Royal Oak Offshore Diver after enjoying it on a boat with AP – that was a fun time. From there, Audemars Piguet continued to evolve the Diver with new colors and materials.

In 2012, the steel case of the Royal Oak Offshore got supplemented with an Audemars Piguet forged carbon case. This was the “bumblebee” look that went with a similar Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph. In 2013, Audemars Piguet added ceramic to the list of case materials for the Royal Oak Offshore Diver with a black ceramic and orange model. For 2014, we get the Royal Oak Offshore Diver in white ceramic with blue.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

I’ve never been shy about my love of white watches, so predictably I really like this new more summery ROO Diver in a more light tone. Yes, it is true that white watches look great on women, but that is when they are mixed with more feminine cases. In my opinion, you can tastefully take an otherwise masculine men’s watch, produce it in white, and it will still look very cool. I think over the last few years more and more guys are keen on wearing white watches, and with options like this I can totally understand why. That isn’t to say that all white men’s watches are a success. In 2012, we brought you a hands-on look at an Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph in steel and white. Apparently Omega decided never to produce it – that, we think is a shame.

We can certainly assure you that replica Audemars Piguet will produce this new ref. 15707CB.00.A010CA.01 Royal Oak Offshore Diver’s watch in a stunning white ceramic and titanium case. The white is matte-finished so it isn’t shiny, and the case back is in titanium. Notice anything else different? Don’t worry if you didn’t – you’d need to be a serious AP nerd to see that Audemars Piguet has finally outfitted the Royal Oak Offshore Diver with an exhibition case back. Even though this is a 300 meter water resistant diver, it always irked me that you couldn’t see the movement… and now you can.

That, my friends, is a good thing because when you spend the coin on AP you want to see their very nicely finished movements and that really cool solid gold engraved rotor. Now, you can get a more purist Audemars Piguet watch experience with their diver’s watch. What you are looking at through the sapphire crystal case back is the in-house made Caliber 3120 automatic, and it has never ceased to be very beautiful.

The 3120 is a high-end workhorse movement with about 60 hours of power reserve. It does however operate at a frequency of 3Hz (21,600 bph) and I really feel that Audemars Piguet needs to make it a priority to increase that to a more modern 4Hz (28,800 bph). With most movements from ETA and other high-end three-handers offering 4Hz, Audemars Piguet should probably do the same. What does that mean for most people? Well, the higher the frequency, the most stable a watch’s rate results should be. Alone it doesn’t mean more accuracy, but over time it tends to mean that. Audemars Piguet probably is working on this, but I feel the need to continue to remind them in order to help make each of their timepieces as awesome as they could be.

At 42mm wide the Royal Oak Offshore Diver sits very well on the wrist offering a very high level of comfort and style. In white you can really see all the case details well, including the classic Genta-designed octagonal bezel. As a diver, this watch features an internal rotating bezel that is operated by the screw-down crown located at about 10 o’clock on the case.

The dial of the Diver is offered in Audemars Piguet’s iconic “Mega Tapisserie” style in a whitish-silver finish that offers a high-contrast look against the hands. Navy blue is used as an accent color on the dial while it offers a nice mix with the white. There are two lume colors on the dial as well. There is a mix of a more traditional whitish green lume, as well as blue lume paint. We haven’t tested it, but darker colored lume paints tend not to be as bright as the lighter ones. Though if you were curious, the dial should be lumed all around. The hour markers and hands are further produced in 18k white gold – mainly because of its ability to hold a polish and its corrosion-resistant qualities.

white Royal Oak Offshore Diver

white Royal Oak Offshore Diver

Attached to the white Royal Oak Offshore Diver is a white rubber strap. Audemars Piguet of course uses an extremely high-quality rubber that looks and feels great. Rubber is really not created equally, so when you get to handle its best forms it makes going back to cheap rubber… unpleasant. The white rubber is matched to a titanium buckle, and the whole thing just works together nicely.

In my opinion this could be “the white watch” to start for those guys who are mighty skeptical of that whole “dudes wearing white watches” thing. Honestly, it really depends on your style and where you live. Find yourself in a warm town or coastal city like Los Angeles or Miami? Then a white watch is going to fit in just fine. Are you stationed in New York City or London during the winter? If so then you might want to keep this in a box for the summer months. People know that I have no desire to wear feminine watches so when I say these are cool it is because they are in a very masculine kind of way. Still not into white watches? That’s cool – you still have way too many options out there to choose from.

Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner Reference 7924 ‘Big Crown’ From 1958

Last Tuesday, a day before 2014 started, we were invited by Tudor to join them for a diner and the introduction of the new Heritage Black Bay timepiece in blue. During the diner, Tudor pulled out some amazing swiss replica watches from their archives in Geneva, including this 1958 Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner ‘Big Crown’ reference 7924.

Tudor Oyster

Tudor Oyster

The nick name ‘Big Crown’ was given to this watch by Tudor collectors, just like the Rolex Submariner 6538 from 1958. The very same replica watches that James Bond was wearing in Dr No. Tudor used a number of same parts as the Rolex Submariner in those days, except for the ‘Auto-Prince’ caliber 390 movement. The crown and Oyster bracelet carry Rolex markings.

This 37mm case was water resistant up to 200 meters (600 feet) and featured the 8mm large screw-down crown for the first time. The plexi crystal was much thicker than the one on its predecessor model (the Tudor Submariner reference 7922 and 7923) and domed, to ensure the watch could handle great pressure under water.

Oyster bracelet

Oyster bracelet

The Oyster bracelet of the Tudor 7924 had riveted links and carried reference number 7206 and as written above, had the Rolex signature.

Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner 7925

Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner 7925

Also introduced in 1958 was the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner 7925, also nicked ‘Big Crown’ due to the 8mm large winding crown. However, this watch did not have the same pressure/depth rating as the Tudor Sub 7924 and ‘only’ had to withstand a pressure of 10ATM (or 100 meters). Besides the depth rate printed on the dial, you can also identify this 7925 by the red triangle at the zero point of the diving bezel of this swiss watch.

A quick scan on Chrono24.com and the Vintage Rolex Forum Market learned us that these babies go for well over 25K Euros and quickly go up depending condition.

We were really excited to see that Tudor kept these watches in their archives and made them available for special occasions like this introduction of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay in midnight blue (click here). It also shows that they are well aware of their heritage and want people to be able to relive these magnificent watches by using elements of it in their new collections. We applaud Tudor for doing so.

Breitling for Bentley Motors Working Chronograph with White Dial

Breitling for Bentley Motors Working Chronograph with White Dial
According to the Replica Watches house is understood that in the near future to flight table aviation known brand Breitling announced a large news brand has appointed a former Navy pilot Jim DiMatteo is Breitling aviation consultant. Brand admits Jim DiMatteo also will join the United States came to its higher visibility.
Jim DiMatteo himself said he was very proud to be a member of Breitling, among those in the watch, he thinks Breitling clock is an outstanding world watch brand , one Breitling Replica Watches that this cooperation will also allow more Americans understand the brand In the aviation industry can not match the achievement.

Former U.S. imperialism Navy pilot Jim DiMatteo, has repeatedly held leadership positions in the aviation field, has joined EAA Council and was appointed vice chairman in charge of AirVenture. Coordination and management in this role, he will be the annual EAA AirVenture Oshkkosh Fly-in activity is responsible.
DiMatteo recently retired colonel in the U.S. Navy, after he had achieved many impressive achievements, including those responsible for the leadership of the Navy’s 100th anniversary of aviation in 2011 nationwide. 20 years in the Navy, he has flown over 5000 hours on five kinds of fighters, carried out 72 combat sorties in the Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm.

DiMatteo also Florida and Nevada (U.S. Navy’s first aircraft carrier VFC-111 and VFC-13 squadron) of TOPGUN simulated enemy squadron commander, in his office, his squadron received the “”Navy Triple Crown”” – operations , safety, and maintenance of the highest honor. After obtaining this achievement, DiMatteo was promoted to a position directly responsible to the Naval Air Command, responsible for all project TOPGUN simulated enemy. From 2006 to 2010, he became head of the International Sprint Red Bull Air Race World Championship. DiMatteo has an engineering degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Founded in 1884, Breitling is the world’s top watch one. Has a pair of wings logo Breitling ( Breitling ) from the date of birth on contact with air together. Whether the product design or marketing tool, Breitling and aviation “”interdependent.”” “”Distinct brand image is the key identity, such NAVITIMER series , its circular slide rule design concept is absolutely flying.

Breitling Skyland Avenger V2 Automatic Black-Same Chassis As 7750-High Quality

“The Breitling Avenger replica watches have many name variations. You can search for Breitling Aeromarine Avenger replica watch or Breitling Avenger Skyland replica watch or even Breitling Aeromarine Avenger Skyland. No matter how you know it or how many ways it’s labeled it’s still a part of the Breitling replica watches for sure. I’m pretty sure Breitling would call it simply Avenger but I wanted to cover all the name variations for you just to make sure that we’re talking about the same model here. This is one of the most solid and large case replica Breitling watches that you could get that’s for sure.

You have to really love big watches to consider getting one of these babies because otherwise it’s just not gonna work out for you and you won’t enjoy it. The blue dial has a good deepness to it given also by the thick and very robust case. This is one of the watches that you’d just bang around doors and table corners all day and not give a damn. Original has a very reasonable price at around 4k so you might end up saving and buying the real deal after you get used to one of these. I think this fake Breitling Avenger is the biggest case Breitling I ever bought and I’m glad I did because I’m getting to show you another interesting piece. Despite its size the weight is good and it’s not too light and not too heavy either. Dial color is good and the Breitling markings are correct as well as the date window. Powered by a Quartz (battery run) movement the seconds hand ticks and so does the small seconds hand at 6 o’clock so it that’s a big turnoff off for you then don’t go for it because it’s a pretty obvious give-away. Hack mechanism comes on when setting the time and this movement also gives you a stop watch function at 12 o’clock which is a good feature. Fully polished stainless steel bracelet has good Breitling markings on and inside the folding clasp and on the back case as well. It’s a very solid watch that will hang and shine pretty strong on your hand so if you like the looks it’s worth the try. Don’t expect to get away with it too many time though because someone who knows Breitlings will spot it out but on the other hand and just for the fun of having a big shiny Breitling replica watch it’s not a bad choice at all. Check out the video and give me your thoughts on it.”

Rolex Replica watches – A treat for watch lovers!

“When it comes to tracking down the important things in your life, you want to track them in style, yes, but at the same time you also want to make sure that the over – emphasis on style quotient doesn’t make accuracy and efficiency get thrown out of the window. When the object to be kept track s as precious as time itself, you don’t want to take any chance. After all, this ever – elusive, effervescent time is what makes or breaks your destiny. To cut a long story short, you have to be ultra careful while choosing a watch! Just any watch won’t do. You need a replica watch that is reliable, trustworthy, durable and also presentable.

There are many brands of replica watches in the market. But, extensive market research done over the years shows that Rolex replica watches are one of the best. Straddling comfort and glamour, strength and panache, durability and luxury, Rolex replica watches are a sure treat for many a watch lovers. Infact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it would be difficult to find a watch – enthusiast who hasn’t heard of Rolex. Replica Rolex watches are no just watches but an entire lifestyle statement in themselves. The strong brand recall and association that these replica watches carry because of the glorious history of Rolex is hardly ever found with any other brands.

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Why Choose a Rolex Replica Watch

The Rolex brand is easily the most popular brand of watches today, and as such it is the most widely replicated as well. In this day and age, the industry of Rolex replica watches are so pervasive, that a replica watch is no longer synonymous with poor quality. There are many reasons why you may consider choosing a Rolex replica time piece over an authentic watch.
The reasoning behind your choice to purchase a Rolex replica watch will depend entirely on why you want to have a Rolex watch at all. The Rolex brand is known for its superior quality and durability, as well as for its stylish nature. So deciding which feature is most important to you as far as price, style, and quality is concerned will be a huge factor in determining your decision to purchase a Rolex replica.

The primary reason people choose to purchase a Rolex replica watch over an authentic watch is the obvious price difference. An authentic Rolex can cost you upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Why spend that money on watch, when you can get an excellent quality time piece that is as close to the real thing as possible? Use your savings for a vacation or a new vehicle, and still enjoy the class and quality you can have by wearing a Rolex replica watch.

The reputation that upholds the Rolex name still stands true even for a Rolex replica watch. The Rolex name is known as the best watch brand that money can buy. It is a symbol of elegance ad class. You can still choose to participate in the benefits offered by the Rolex name by wearing a Rolex replica timepiece that carries all of the same features of the original, minus the price tag. In fact, Rolex replica watches are so similar to the original product that most of them even carry the same non-battery method of operation as the Rolex original.

A further advantage to choosing a Rolex replica watch is that with the price savings you experience, you can essentially afford to purchase several models. If you truly enjoy the class and style that embodies the Rolex experience, why not purchase more than one for the various occasions you will find yourself in.

The industry of the Rolex replica watch has changed drastically over the last several years. Do your research for the retailer that will provide for you the most authentic looking Rolex replica with the features that you need in a Rolex watch. In this day and age, online retailers are working hard to earn your business, and many Rolex experts have even had to do a double take on a Rolex replica watch. The weight and craftsmanship of today’s Rolex replica watches have made them a far superior product to what they were yesterday. If you want the luxury and style of the Rolex name on your time piece without the large expense, choosing a Rolex replica watch has never been easier or more affordable.

Breitling Replica Watches, Keeping in Touch with Beauty and Fashion

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Readers Review – Lee’s Breitling and Bell & Ross Replica Watches

“It’s been quite a while since you guys sent me some of your  buys but I recently got a short e-mail from Lee, a reader of mine, where he attached 3 photos and some words describing his experience. It’s more of a thank you note than anything else but I’m always happy when I get feedback that shows I’m helping some of you out there to get good quality fake watches. Looks like Lee has bought a Breitling Navitimer replica watch and a Bell & Ross BR 01-92 white dial replica watch from iparadisiac.co after my recommendation. I bought and reviewed this exact replica Breitling some time ago so I know the watch and I can say that it’s a good quality buy. I also have a couple of replica Bell & Ross 01-92 from them even if not this exact white dial one and it looks like it’s just the dial that’s different.

I like the Breitling background Lee used for this photo, makes this fake Navitimer look so much better. I’ll give you more details on this one since I know it well and you can also find the photo review here .It’s powered by a Japanese automatic movement so you get the sweeping motion of the seconds hand pretty close to the original. Case shape and bezel are well cloned and the black leather bracelet is good quality as well. Looking back on my readers reviews I remembered that this replica Navitimer is actually one of the most popular fake Bretilting among my readers and there are plenty of other articles stating this one as a good buy on my blog. I’m glad you guys like it and I’m glad I found it for you. It’s so much more easier when you get a good grip and feel of a watch before you buy it. Here’s Lee’s thank you note pasted from the e-mail he sent me:

Short but comprehensive and more than enough for me. Thank you Lee for putting the time and effort to say thanks. I’m glad I could help and I’m sure that my readers will appreciate your feedback as much as I do. As for the replica R 01-92 here’s a review of almost the same watch.  Again, a good pick and a reliable Japanese automatic movement that so far has proven to keep good time. Overall this watch is still in great shape even though it’s my favorite wear and tear piece since it has the military looks and it’s so bulky. Here are two more photos Lee sent. Thank you once more Lee, I really appreciate it!