Rolex watches1960 history – the deepest ocean drop

The 2013 is National Geographic society 125th Anniversary – not just society, has been pushing the boundaries, test theory and the study of the earth. Rolex has been there every step of the way.

Here are some of the exploration of history — how much you know about the greatest moment!

Rolex history1947 – breaking the sound barrier

No one can deny, Chuck Yeager is a modern litigation of people. In early 1947, he set up a fixed wing aircraft to break the sound barrier, have a look that humans can survive power.

He is a legendary World War II fighter pilots in flight X-1, inspired a new generation of 50 years in the F-15 fighter. Chuck is now an aviation legend, his success inspired by Greenwich II Rolex collection.

1953 - Rolex climb Mount Qomolangma

Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay first reached the top of Mount Everest is well known, but you know they are wearing Rolex watches?!

Climbing is behind the success of the Rolex browser inspiration, and quickly became the preferred viewer.

1956 – Rolex Engineer Milgauss.

No wonder this watch is known for its impeccable hold time, after being tested in the European nucleon research center the first watch, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory.

Rolex watches1960 history – the deepest ocean drop

Rolex watch not only perfect climbing, as Rolex deep sea especially in 1960, when it fell into the deepest ocean.

Rolex deepsea challenge to see 52 years later, with James Cameron’s historic solo dive Mariana Trench.

2007 – mapping of climate change

Alan Hubert went to northern Greenland 2007, accompanied by changes in a reliable Rolex map, on the Arctic ice. In the previous explorers recorded the thick ice, Hubert found that the thin ice, and grinding of the sea. It took 106 days, Hubert and his partner Dixie dansercoer find a new leap forward.

The most expensive Rolex watches

This is the Rolex can raise a lot of money, and brand business weekly magazine in the 2007 to seventy-first most valuable global business is no surprise, since then only growth. But you have not thought about how Rolex is probably worth? Here are some of the most expensive Rolex watches in the world; and they sold the exact price.

1. 1942 Rolex watches – $1160000

The most expensive Rolex watch. – 1942

This amazing super 1942 Rolex watches (Ref. 4113) features silver matte dial, 17 stones, and application of pink gold Arabic and relay digital. What gives it a huge price tag? This is one of only 12 models ever, only 8 are believed to still exist. 4113 is to give as a gift in 1940’s famous drivers and team boss, the auction had $681000, an estimated $1130000. Wow.

2. Eric Clapton of Rolex Daytona – $505000

The most expensive Rolex – Clapton

1971 Rolex Daytona Clapton has a unique and unusual silver monochromatic dial, so that the model stand out against the usual design Rolex. Despite its uniqueness, the watch is estimated to sell in the 1/5 of the actual selling price: it is made by Mr. Clapton what to wear, can be a huge profit.

3. Rolex oyster – $444000 Pink Gold

India Rolex’s most expensive Rolex Watch

This unique gold watch to India’s first president, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, at the 1950 India first Republic day. Pu Lhasa de doctor, became his delicate and elegant style is known, so there is no shortage of bidders in his famous watches are sold, it is not surprising. The watch has a very unique dial, taking India gold mine map, and the date of twenty-sixth January 1950 ‘carved into it. Current estimates, the sale price shock in a a $444000.

4. Ferrari Red Paul Newman Rolex oyster cosmograph Daytona – $267203

Rolex Ferrari Daytona

This is probably my favorite. A typical trendy Rolex Ferrari Rolex watch design a bright red dial, also live up to its name. A watch has 200 bet one hour tachometer action, a 30 minute counter, a 12 hour counter, seconds counter, with the 17 stones element. The bracelet has a tritium firm coating, and dial is covered in the fashion of sapphire. Too great.

5. 1973 James Rolex 5513 – $450000 of bonds

James Bond Rolex watches

Any James bonds are often in the auction are doing well, and watch may not be an exception. Fashion watches the renovation is a typical 1973 keys, including the elimination of clock movement mounted razor disk and a pinhole and a magnetic field generator, are in the film’s iconic scene, with. The watch itself with a white black dial, stainless steel belt, chassis, and the British classic details. It will be auctioned at Christie’s auction house, which has an estimated $450000.

Rolex Replica day date President 18K gold

From autumn fashion with the tooltip for shopping in your new watch this season. The five essential watch trend is added to the collection of statistics of your!

Black “it is often the color of autumn”, but this season, which is gray. Oscar de la Renta, and Proenza Schouler is just some designers who accepted their autumn series of color. Add a touch of grey to your ensemble with the Replica Rolex oyster perpetual watch.

Rolex Replica  day date President 18K gold

“Borrowed boy”, still looks is a popular trend in women’s hot, especially when it comes to watch. This gold Rolex president date watch is a classic watch, including watching. In order to make it more stylish, try between bracelet you precious clock. A Hermes Tiffany bracelet, bracelet or Classic Pearl add extra charm.

Do not know your clothes look with gold or silver better? Try rose gold! Ms. Zhang, a petite like Rolex watches in rose gold is a great addition to your collection, whether it is day or night looks very stylish. “Neutral” color makes it easy to fall fashion trends and any season for.

And together with the use of gold and silver, is a fashion faux pas, metal combination of the season is one of the most popular fashion trend. Look at the Rolex Daytona gold color, steel sheet. Diamond hour markers and mother of Pearl background so that it is an elegant choice.

Replica Rolex watches steel and gold

Men’s trend has been popular, but this fall, women are making a comeback. From the very brisk skirt to the ladies leather, it is a all about embrace gentle, in subtle ways. This is the perfect moment to add this Rolex watch, with inlaid borders and backgrounds flowers diamonds, your collection.

Rolex Daytona experience of iPad application program

The application of Rolex new iPad watch lovers can not miss: Rolex Daytona experience. Application to celebrate Rolex cosmograph Daytona’s heritage and history, now celebrating 50 years of style, in a beautiful interactive iPad applications.

Rolex Daytona experience of iPad application program

The iOS application itself consists of 16 chapters, articles and video details Rolex cosmograph Daytona legend. Of course, there is a display room, let you play an interactive Rolex cosmograph Daytona: you can start and stop time, open and close button, watch at night and really explore the Rolex cosmograph Daytona from every angle.

Immerse yourself in the Rolex comsograph’s history, including the characteristics of some high-profile diners wear Rolex like Roger Federer and Paul Newman. You will also learn more about auto racing World Cup racetracks and Rolex has a long history, including a large number of details and operating around the pit Formula 1 car.

Look at the following Video Trailer Rolex Daytona experience:

Rolex cosmograph Daytona watch is real eternal, and iPad applications a beautiful work, introduces in detail the watch’s rich history. Exclusive video and interactive function looks gorgeous iPad retina display. You will remember all the platinum Rolex Daytona find chapter and in the fiftieth anniversary. Moreover, all of the Rolex 4130 Daytona

Rolex watches collection under the Christmas tree

Come to our holiday, when there is no need to panic, you people choosing the perfect gift. Of course, there are ties and socks and goofy gift, you can into the socks, but when you really want to let him be startled at, really have a gift that will never be forgotten, will occur when you buy Rolex he.

Rolex watches collection under the Christmas tree

Talk about an eternal watch! As we all know, Rolex’s prices are not cheap, but the smart shopper knows, when you buy a Rolex watch, you will get more than you paid for. Now, you can buy a Rolex, online trust, you will be more than you would in a regular store to find better Rolex price.

To buy a second-hand Rolex watches

Lavish Christmas gifts of the people

Another option is to buy a second-hand Rolex, but due to their popularity, it is not easy to find people who want to sell Rolex. However, perhaps you know to buy online classified ads used are not necessarily going to the best route of surprise. The opportunity is a Rolex, there will be some suggested use: perhaps a minor scratch excessive wear in the crystal or loose wrist band.

The best place to buy a second-hand Rolex watches from a reputable Rolex online sellers. The Rolex name is now synonymous with first-class life, because of who you are elegant enough to want to be with you, you can now return. In addition, of course, who do not want to and a man wearing is probably the best the world? Most people shun jewelry but will be more proud of wearing Rolex watches, showing exquisite style and impeccable taste.

A timeless gift, he can pass from generation to generation

Don’t hesitate, this year; the adventure to tell you that he is worth. This is a timeless gift can be passed down from generation to generation, become precious Jiabao. Buy Rolex online to make his year-end best!

Zenith El Primero Foudroyante Chronograph 1/1O Second Watch

The first new Zenith watch of 2010 that I saw bored me to sleep at night. It wasn’t a bad watch, but it just didn’t do anything for me except remind of all the other watches that look like it. Now I learn about another new for 2010 timepiece that I actually do like (though it is not very practical). It isn’t the neatest watch in the world, but it does take a very uncommon complication and places it into 1970s retro sport watch (why? Don’t ask why… What? You know better than the Swiss?). Jaeger-LeCoultre released a watch with the same complication this year, but in a more classy traditional style watch. The complication is a foudroyante, and Zenith is specially equipped to make one. A foudroyante (also known as a “jumping seconds” watch) is a watch with a chronograph that is able to measure fractions of a second, done via a dedicated dial. The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch does more things as a watch, but doesn’t have as fancy a foudroyante being able to measure only 1/6th of a second. Using its El Primero movement that runs at a higher rate of 36,000 beats per a minute, Zenith is able to measure 1/10th of a second because its movement beats 10 times per a seconds.

What is really cool about foudroyante watches is what I call the “crazy seconds hand.” The hand in the dial that is used to measure the fraction of a second moves like mad around the dial when the chronograph is operating. So in this Zenith El Primero Foudroyante Chronograph watch, the foudroyante dial is the large centrally mounted seconds hand in the middle of the watch. It spins around the entire dial once each second making 10, very brief stops. These complications actually look really cool in action. I have no idea how they don’t wear out the movement or fly off the dial. Plus, making the hand stop is really tough. Zenith has indicated that in this watch a special brake is used to ensure that it comes to an immediate halt when you stop the chronograph.

Zenith uses the new El Primero 4052 B automatic movement in the watch, which itself is very reasonable in size and appearance. The influence behind the design seems to be last year’s Zenith El Primero Vintage 1969 Chronograph watch. No doubt you will see a resemblance. When are they going to do a proper redo of the Rainbow watch? The El Primero Foudroyante Chronograph will be in a steel or 18k rose gold in a 42mm wide case. It will have that retro sport look to it (and the colors) with a raised sapphire crystal that is means to look like a acrylic crystal (another sapphire crystal will be placed on the caseback as well). Dial design is pretty good. Attractive overlapping dials in soft technical tones. I like the red foudroyante hand with the small Zenith star counterweight. The watch looks pretty easy to read – but that will all depend on how well the hour and minute hands stand out from the silvered dial (the hands also have applied SuperLumiNova, and there is more SuperLumiNova on the hour markers). Functions include the time with subsidiary seconds dial, 1/10th of a second foudroyante “jumping seconds” 60 minute chronograph, and the date. Unless you uses the watch and its functions, the subdials could be confusing as they all have scales that go up to 60. That will come with a black or brown rubber lined alligator strap with a buckle that will match the metal type of the case.

While the watch is cool, and the function is fun to use. How useful it will be for more people is unclear. I would guess that most people interested in being able to accurately measure 1/10th of a second accuracy are going to be using digital time keepers, if they need the functionality that often. This watch will likely remain a fun toy for collectors given its likely expense. Still collectors who use chronograph’s often might be pleased with the additional level of information the complication gives them.

Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner

Though we’ve previously discussed the Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner, and many of its variations, there always seems to be another deviation about which we can wax poetic. As formerly noted in these pages, the Submariner was launched in 1954 and was the first wristwatch designed to include a diving depth of more than feet meters. (330, or 100 It now has a depth rating of 1000 feet, or 300 meters.) Just one of the brand’s many classic models, the Submariner line includes 11 variants ranging in price from $5000 to more than $234000 for Steve McQueen’s Submariner from the auto-racing movie “Le Mans.” Simply click here and you will browse a plethera of different Submariner watches.

Vintage submariner crown 1680

For this piece, we thought we’d take a look at a personal favorite, the Red Submariner, or Red Sub, Ref. No. 1680 While the 1680 was in production for over three decades, the Submariner appeared with its name printed in red for just the first five to six years, beginning in 1965 Then, in the early’70s, Rolex changed the type to white. Finding one of rare these specimens is; were a Red Submariner to go in for repairs (as diving watches need to be re-pressurized when batteries are replaced), means that the Swiss watch maker would have switched out the face with the rare red type for new faces which hosted a white font.

Red Vintage Rolex Submariner Close Up

Years of research reveal that the earliest Red Subs are made with serial numbers, while early 69 models include a caseback stamp. “These” Meter First “versions (where the depth rating is listed in meters before feet) include one that was built with a black face that eventually faded to brown.

Vintage Red Rolex Submariner Luxury Watch

Along with this particular series, Rolex introduced the movement caliber 1565 A few years later in 1971, the watch company engineered the Sub’s caliber to include hacking: When setting the time, the seconds hand stops when the crown is pulled out. This new-and-improved caliber also helped usher in the chronometer status. One of the first Submariners to incorporate a date function (though the Rolex GMT Master, Ref. No. 6542, wins the honor of being the first), the 1680 included a Cyclops date magnifier. Many regard this Submariner lineup as the time when Rolex made the move from being seen as a serious diving watch to becoming the luxury accessory that everyone desired.

Vintage Red Submariner Wrist Fashion

If lucky enough to come upon one of these rare Red Subs, you’ll also notice its bi-directional bezel, Matt dial mated with tritium luminous material directly applied to the surface, as well as a thick synthetic plastic crystal and chronometer-rated movement.

Vintage Rolex Replica oyster stainless steel submarine

Just before the awards season thick, with the coming of Oscar’s end, we thought it might be interesting to look at a place in Rolex and its big screen. With James Bond and his early submarines, there are other people countless who appeared in the Hollywood, they proudly display Rolex watches. From the universal film company famous section, shot in the world, the Rolex brand has to yourself in a place some great movies.

Vintage Rolex Replica oyster stainless steel submarine

The car owner Steve Mcqueen wore a submarine (No. 5512) and not just because of his appearance in the movie, but every day. The sale of a few years ago a staggering $234000 at auction, Mcqueen’s submarine was wearing baffle is twelve point mark turned to the six point location. Other screen witnesses including Robert Radford and his Rolex in “all the president’s men.” Although at first it seems hard to imagine in Washington D.C. Columbia humble reporters, to make such a beautiful dress watch earn enough money, you must remember (Redford’s real-life characters) admitted to the Yale University, chief judge Judicial Court of Appeals for the eighteenth circuit is the son of the. Always talk about George Hamilton put on his “diamond Jack” role of the submarine, and shameless 80’s comedy “aircraft! “See Lloyd” character display 18 carat. Gold, a complete blue dial, wrist.

Oyster perpetual sub old-fashioned 5512 stainless steel

Celebrity wearing the Rolex submariner wristwatch: Bobby Deniro appear in the gritty “the deer hunter” movie; Sharonstone wearing the iconic watches in the Science Fiction Circle “,” our favorite death wish hero, Charles Bronson, a non date into spin his character in the movie in. “The mechanic”. Comparison of these eternal watch, some of our more modern, you will find that the new model of classic timepiece looks as good as some of the original.

Rolex oyster old submarine 5512 stainless steel

This paper introduces 1953, the Rolex oyster perpetual submarine is not only a typical diving table, the lineage has made a model of numerous brand in its most popular. The first watch pressurized to 330 feet, or 100 meters of modern version, can be in 1000 feet of water above the diver, or 300 meters. The waterproof watch to ensure reliability and accuracy, while the rest of the luxury and rugged and. Bob watches currently provides Ref. No. 1680 red. These vintage models is produced between 1680 1967-1973.the also includes a date complication the first submarine, ushered in the watch’s move from diving tool luxury fashion accessories.

Replica Rolex buckle old Explorer 1655

Orange hand Explorer II, otherwise known as reference 1655, has an interesting history. On the surface, this is no star Rolex series, especially when compared to love “Pepsi” or reference alliteration band model. However, Rolex chrome 1655 fame, was wearing a very famous people, always in demand.

1655 old Explorer button

Replica Rolex buckle old Explorer 1655

Introduces the characteristics of the model is in the 1971 and 1570 or 1575 movement. It also has a fixed stainless steel bezel and a Rolex GMT model. On the Rolex Explorer most attract sb.’s attention point is, it is dedicated to the cave Explorers, because it is in the dark for many hours, often in the “day” and “night lost their vision.” 24 hour hand and tell you whether the watch indicates 4 or 4:00 in the afternoon, for example. Rolex sales is a major feature of the diver, spelunkers or any person who may be in the dark for a period of time.

The movement of the older Explorer

Rolex retro movement Explorer

When the Rolex Explorer 1655 is the first sales, two is straight and inconspicuous, but an extra hour hand is a bright orange, for this particular version of the table name. 1974, Rolex added a luminous ring, assistance, see in the dark time further in 1975, the extra hour hand was painted bright red, although collectors still refers to this version as “orange” explorer. This watch was produced until 1985 when it was stopped from Rolex’s lineup.

Crown old Explorer 1655

Some historians Rolex disagree, orange hand disappeared from the dial date. Reference marks disappear in the “70 time metaphase occur but there are still people that date. Many people believe that it is possible to find a reference 1655, is in an orange in twentieth Century 80’s hand. However, other people believe that these models have a red hand faded orange, orange hand, sometimes the faded yellow.

An old Explorer 1655 wrist ball

Many collectors think there is a problem of explorer II. This is not popular in the production operation of 1971 to 1985, many critics claim that the ideal is “chaos” and even “fuzzy”. However, Rolex Explorer II model 1655 is a guarantee of attractions set, Steve Mcqueen wore a everywhere in his life time. In fact, the model is known as the “Steve Mcqueen” watch.

Tudor Replica submarine 7928 representatives

When it comes to Wine diving watches, it is very difficult to defeat a pure and watch combination of elegance, is a Tudor Replica submarine 7928 representatives.

The reference of the history 7928

A black border Tudor stainless steel submarine

Tudor is actually a separate companies, the production of Rolex watches. The work itself is a fake Tudor SA manufacturing. The original Rolex founder Hans wildorf wanted to create a company, create a product, reliable and high quality of the original Rolex but more affordable price. Therefore, the Tudor watches has been the quality of affordable and long wear.

The old Tudor buckle and bracelet

The submarine is a Tudor Style commitment, in a practical good example. The submarine was designed as a diving watch, can withstand the pressure from the water will not be damaged under the. Here is the Tudor and Rolex watches became the real difference negligible where: Tudor watch needs to meet the quality very strict standards, will be made by Rolex. In fact, the only difference is between the types of Tudor and Rolex sports. Tudor used a modified version of the Rolex sports but it still need a certain depth of waterproof.

The old submarine Tudor crown

Reference 7928 champions of the Tudor Dynasty

7928, unlike the Early Tudor, with Rolex caliber 39017 jewel movement. This movement is automatically based on Valjoux 722. 7928 also used the same baffle of the Rolex 5513 submarine. This watch is produced in the late 1950’s until 1966 when it was replaced by the new Tudor pattern.

Tudor submariner 7928 details

Early examples of chapter dialing the reference features 7928 “.” This means that the inner dial printed near the edge connecting the minute mark. In fact, there are 7928 known four different versions of the dial.

Back to the stainless steel retro Tudor submarine

Rolex Submariner Replica, Rolex Submariner Imitation – Swiss Made

No matter which dial was present in 7928, the lower half part is fairly consistent. You should find the words: “200 m = 660 feet,” indicating the depth, rated waterproof watch. There is also possible at all the big office submarine and the word “rotor” and “self winding” printed on the bending of the script. Some dial will feature tracking no. Submarines also features for the winding crown is round wing protection.

The old Tudor stainless steel

Tudor submarine is a look, may be “fake, so be sure to visit Bob’s watch to find the real Rolex and Tudor products.